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Fitness Battalion Crossfit and Boot Camp


New to CrossFit?

Our FB CrossFit On Ramp course for new CrossFitters has a new group starting every couple of Mondays. To find out when the next one starts, please give us a call at 404-607-7424.

Why FB CrossFit?

The fitness industry is HUUUUGE, with many choices for everyone. So, a lot of people ask us, what makes a CrossFit class different from everything else that’s out there? Here’s our list of reasons why we think CrossFit is the best program for overall fitness.


     We consider all of our members to be athletes, regardless of fitness level. At FB CrossFit, we strive to help our athletes become proficient in all 10 components of fitness: Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy. These are the ten recognized general physical skills. You are as fit as you are competent in each of these ten skills, and our goal is to help you improve in each.


    Most CrossFit workouts can be completed in less than 30 minutes. There is no need to have separate cardio and weight lifting sessions--we target both in almost every workout. You will get more done in 30 minutes of a CrossFit workout than most people get done in 3 days at a typical health club.

    Every CrossFit class is supervised by a CrossFit Certified trainer. Your instructor is there to make sure you move through each workout safely while, at the same time, helping you to push yourself to achieve your true potential.

    There’s something quite motivating about your fellow athletes sweating it out alongside you. Everyone pushes each other and is just as excited for their fellow athletes’ successes as they are for their own. CrossFit classes foster friendships like you will not find in any other type of workout environment.

    If you’ve ever hired a private trainer you know it can get quite expensive. Our athletes attend anywhere from 3-6 classes per week at a fraction of the cost (20-25%) of what they would pay for 2 classes per week with a private trainer…and for a workout that isn’t nearly as effective.

    Just ask anyone who has been doing CrossFit for a while. They’ll tell you their story of how it’s changed their life. In fact, you’ll probably have a hard time getting them to shut up about it once they get going.

    Tough, intense, FUN, grueling, addictive…these are some of the many words people commonly use to describe CrossFit classes. We believe it’s the most effective way for anybody to achieve overall fitness. But don’t just take our word for it. Come out to Fitness Battalion CrossFit and see for yourself.

  • Globo Gym

    "Globo Gym": Get as many people as possible to sign memberships and hope most never show up. CrossFit Gym: Sign a few individuals at a time, spend a lot of time and work with them. Call them when they don't show up.

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